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Orange Juice

SatGuru Shree Kabir Saheb and La-Dharmdas happened to come across each other in Badhavgadh town Since then the tradition of double Acharya Gad is (Spiritual status) has been established with shree La-Dharmdasji. As(1) Renounciation / Acharya Tradition and (2) House holding Acharya Tradition

The tradition of the above said two religious spiritual head offices (Gadi tradition) have been wide spreaded and popularized distinctively all over the land . After then whenever Lord Kabir Saheb happened to meet his devotees and preached them, those places have been regarded as renunciation as well as house holding religion spiritual head offices (Guru gadis )

e.g. (1)Ram Kabir creed in Gujarat state
       (2)Ghadani Dham in Hariyana state – Garibdasji creed
       (3) Parakh Creed (Renouneintion Tradition)
       (4)Palatu –A khada-Ayodhya rnounciation tradition.

In this way, in the Sidhdha parmpara means emancipation Tradding so many spiritual traditions have been running at the places where Lord Kabir Saheb went and preached his devotees.

The Spiritual Tradition of Kabir Ashram Limbadi

Godhara Purpose

After the Godhara massacre(post Godhara riots) the common people and the saints were facing certain problems. In order to get rid of these problems one temple has been set up inside Godhara town. This temple provides accommodation, shelter for night staying for the stronger, passages, outsiders, due to bud weather or missing of bus or train. Godhara town is situated on the highway junction for Gujarat, Rajsthan. Madhypradesh states where hundreds of people pay visits.