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Charandasji Bapu

Following the path shown by Sant Kabir
Saint Kabir ( 15th century : 1440 - 1518 A.D.)

Lord SatGuru Kabir Saheb is the most known disciple of Ramananda. He had no regular schooling and took to weaving . He evolved as a saint not bound by strict rituals and religious discipline. He was an unconventional poet and mystic.

He started preaching in the most unconventional way . He continued with his vocation of weaving and composed songs as he worked . Though leading a Godintoxicated life , he stressed on manual labor , equality of man and condemned religious bigotry . People liked the moral message in his songs which poured out from his heart and , who was the very embodiment of things he uttered . He condemned image-worship in temples and mechanical prayers in mosques. He had a large following of Hindus and Muslims.

God to Lord SatGuru Kabir Saheb was all pervading supreme spirit . Ram and Rahim personified the same supreme spirit who could be won over only by pure devotion . Rituals or blind worship had no place in his way of serving God. "Seek him in the depth of your heart!" Lord SatGuru Kabir Saheb advised .