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Charandasji Bapu

1 . Truth (Satya)

All the saints and followers of the Kabir cult worship the Truth – the real and ultimate perfect Truth and they observe the rules strictly in association with body , mind , wealth ,  speech and the time accordingly . All the Ashramvasis ( the followers , residents of the Ashram are bound to follow the rules within the same policy . The whole life is followed with Truth means with true duty , true concepts or ideas , true association , true conduct and true morality .

2 . Non – Violence (Ahinsa)

Lord  Kabir Saheb – the real source and perfect soul brought about the eternal massage of non-violence and established the motto  “Ahinsa  Paramo  Dharma “  means “ The Non – Violence is he supreme religion “ This ideal concept is strictly observed in the hermitage ( ashram).

3 . Non – begging ( Asteya )

Asteya – Non begging means not to beg anything spreading hands before anybody and to remain natural , normal and contented forever in life . This is the pious observance bound to all the saints.

4 .  Celibacy ( Brahmecharya )

All the Ashramvasis including saints, dicipals , students , preceptors etc follow the celibacy and perform ‘Yoga’ –both physical and mental penance and in order to realize the ‘Brahm’ or the soul they strictly observe regular penance .

5 . Monotheism ( Ekesharvad )

The massage of Monotheism imported by Kabir Saheb is truly peace giving one monotheism is heartly observed by the followers in limbadi hermitage.     

6 . Contentment ( Titikshavritti )

The great Lord Kabir Saheb piously preaches that  “ What you gain naturally , easily without desire is like milk , What you get by asking for or with demand is like water but what you get by snatching , robbing or thieving or cheating others is Like blood with the a foresaid preach , all the activities conducted and managed by Limbadi Ashram are maintained with contentment , normally and  without any desire . Whatever they have and whatever they get , the saints are used to the surmountings  and needs.

7 . Brotherhood ( VishwaBandhutva )

According to Lord Kabir Saheb “ We all are the children of only one God , the Father  . The only and only soul pervades in the whole existence “ Service to man is service to God “ is the pious massage of Lord and having served the needy people , the ashram proves the duty .

8 . Human Service ( Manavsewa )

Lord Kabir  says “ There is only one well but the water fetchers are many . The pots are many but the water remains the same “. According to lord Kabir Saheb there should  not be any discrimination or difference among the people or an caste , lineage or ancestry . Keeping equality before the eyes one should help the others. The soul is one in all so service to others is worship to God.

9 . Worship of the Supreme One ( Ishta Pooja )

Lord Kabir  Saheb has bestowed upon us one great maha mantra means a secret spell “ SOHAM “ one should meditate on SOHAM being introverted so that one can realizes the soul  and enjoy the bliss , sublime .