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Charandasji Bapu


Respected, venerable, honourable and pios shree Tapasvi Maharaj Saheb was yogi, forever celibate great penance performer, stoic with established intellect and a spiritual personality. He had  the perfect knowledge of (SAR Shabda) the mystic spell, and he was the source of bright holy Light. He used to observe continuous meditation and having got the divine knowledge he imparted it in the form of spiritual books or volumes for the welfare of the common people with spiritual curiosity. He divulged the holy massage of Lord Kabir Saheb with the publications. This pious personality has created great verses being in meditative status. The given below scriptures have been published and presented before the world for the betterment of the commons.

1. “Kabir Brahma Prakash”

Kabir Brahma Prakash”book is available in Gujarati in which there is the description of divine bio-graphy of the incarnation of Lord Kabir Saheb. Shree Tapasvi GuruMaharaj made through stugy of the body scriptures related to Kabirji. He went through many books to be accquented with. He also traveled for and wide to discover the mysteries and mysterical places related to Lord Kabir Saheb. Having conducted this tough mission he divulged the most unknowing facts about the Lord . He collected the jumble and disordered facts of the Lord’s bio-graphy and gave it an innovative shape. He put the divine facts in order and published  the book for the welfare of the commons. The massage for the salvation and imancipation has been printed along with the incidents when Lord Kabir Saheb happened to meet some devotees. This book is the elaborative task of shree Tapasvi GuruMaharaj many editions have been published and distributed across the land free of costs.

2. “Kabir Satya Prakash”

This  book is the source of divine vision of Shree Tapasvi Guru Maharaj . Having  observed yoga and meditation Shree Tapasvi Guru Maharaj has served the purpose of the book “Kabir Satya Prakash”.

Kabir Satya Prakash” is the valuable divine hdy spiritual revealation in words. There are details of Lord Kabir Saheb suggested how to be free from mandane and worldly desires. What to do to be  liberal and to get salvation or imancipation. How to reach the altimate abode(Satyaloka). All thesethings have been presented in Doha, Chopai, Chhanda,(various poetical structure with literary rules) in this book. The current of the divine story of Lord Kabir Saheb has been flowing in this book. This is the great verse with lucid poetical form Tapasvi Maharaj has described each and every aspects, methods, systems and rules of yoga manga and he has also revealed the secreat ideals, concepts for art of living. This book is also an elaborative task of Tapasvi Maharaj for the betterment of society. This book is like a diamond spreading light to remove darkness of basic ignorance. This book has been published with many editions and distributed to many without charges. One can get spiritual benefits keeping and reading this book in a house.

3. “Kabir Jyoti Prakash”

The magnificent and divine marvelous pictures and photographs along with scripts and information related to the factual incidents of the great incarnation of Lord Kabir Saheb have been published in :Kabir Jyoti Prakash” very simple and easy methods of description of photos and details have been applied with separate paper page so that any simple man can graps the massages and leela(divine deeds) of Shree Kabir Saheb. Shakis(Spiritual verses) Bhajans(devotional songs) Shabdas(metaphysical spells) Sandhya path(Ritual recitation and worship hymns during evening and morning and noon time) etc have been printed and included in this book.

4. “Kabir Shakti Prakash”

This holy book has been prepared for daily and regular recitation. In which SatGuru Kabir Shakti Chaubisa has been printed. They are composed with 124 chaupais.

There is the description of Nitya Sandhya(Regular divine recitation with worship) Sandhy Arti and Bhajans along with rules have been printed. All the rules related to Kabir Cult have been described here. This book has also been published with public interest.

5. “SadGuru Kabir Saheb”

This book is pocketable. One can keep this book with him or her. In which a short biography of divine life of Lord Kabir Saheb has been published. This book includes Sakhis, Bhajans, Divine spells, Sandhya path etc. This is also the creation of Shree Tapasvi Guru Maharaj for the upliftment of society free of charge.

6. "SatGuru Purnima "

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