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    Public Service

  • Lodging - Boarding - free meal
  • Lord Kabir says to Kamal “Differ only two duties offer your hearty prayer to God and offer the food to the hungry. It’s enough“. Kabir Ashram runs a free meal boarding. Here everyday around 300 to 350 people are being served and offered meal and such activity runs 24 hours everyday. The people get the benefit without any difference of castes or creeds.

  • Cow Husbandry
  • For a long period here Kabir Ashram Limbadi has been running a cow-abode in which cows are petted and tamed with love and care. The milk of the cows is not taken or used by the saints or persons residing in the Ashram but the milk is offered to the patients admitted to the Govt. - hospital or the poor patients free of cost. This free of charge milk donation activity is running for last 60 years.

  • School and Hostel
  • Importing the knowledge , the learning is greater offering. The students who are poor, BPL ( below poverty line ) socially and economical , backwards , orphans can get admission in the Ashram. They are provided the basic necessities like education, food, clothes, books, residence etc. here in Kabir Ashram Limbadi. Today around 30 to 40 students stay and get their schooling here. The students who stayed and studied here have been working as officers on the high post with white color jobs.

  • Service to the Saint
  • Limbadi town is regarded as small “Kabir town“ Many saints pay visits occasionally. There are so many temples here in the town. Saints observing various creeds and sects come here. Limbadi Kabir Ashram is always ready to welcome them with their accommodation along with meals. There are some saints who are perm ant residents here. Those who wish to depart they are departed with well wishes, love along with charity of clothes, many etc. During the celebrations like RamNavmi , Gurupurnima and  Diwali Saints from all over India come here at the Ashram. They are welcomed and honored with charity.

  • Butter milk Center
  • The poors and the patients are allotted butter milk free of cost by Kabir Ashram Limbadi for last 50 years this mission has been running. Butter milk is made out of milk which is spare in stock after allotting the patients.

  • Shelter for the patients, Diseased and the poor
  • Kabir Ashram provides shelters to the deserted, the poor, the orphans, the old, the mentally restarted the handicapped etc. Thy are offered full services 24 hours here. They are provided clothes, food, medicines, shelter etc. even on the death, funeral / cremation rite is also conducted by the Ashram. Beggars are also provided food and clothes here.

  • Service to the Wretched
  • Lord Kabir preaches that service to the wretched, the miserable the unfortunate. The poor is the service and worship of the Lord. It is our pious duty to help the persons who are suffering from any desire.

  • Bird aviary
  • There are three wide and huge bird aviaries in Kabir Ashram Limbadi. Where so many birds pick grains
    (1) There is one aviary at Gaushala ( Cow abode ) Kabir Ashram Limbadi.
    (2) There is another aviary at the holy tomb (shrine) of shree Tapashwi Bapu.
    (3) There is third aviary and cowshed at Ashram
    Donation and charity to aviary and cowshed (Gaushala) is Deposited in their accounts accordingly.

  • Housing for the saints
  • Saints who come here in the Ashram for meditation penance yoga performance and spiritual studies are offered and provided all kinds of facilities.

  • Blood donation
  • Occasionally, Blood donation camp is organized in the Ashram. Here the villagers, the students take port in the blood donation mission without hesitation. Moreover whenever there is need of blood in any casualty, the saints and the students of Ashram are ever ready to serve the purpose.

  • Service to the pilgrimages
  • The Kabir Ashram is located on the National Highway - in Limbadi. This is the Key – main road for visiting Saurashtra region most pilgrims travel through this highway via Limbadi Kabir Ashram is always ready to accommodate the pilgrims with food and shelter. They station here.

  • Hospitality
  • Limbadi town has connectivity with other parts of the state by railway and highway. Hundreds of pilgrims and vision pass through via Limbadi. The people who pay the visit the Ashram were welcomed by the hermitage as guests. The host hermitage offers accommodation and shelter to those who have missed the routes or bus or train. During the unfavorable natural conditions the affected passengers are  also provide safety.

  • Several Various Services
  • At th time of natural calamities like earthquake, food, drought, epidemic or any casualty, Kabir Ashram is all set to provide special services to the affected. E.g. Kitcher is set up for the mass. Tents are set up for shelter food and food packets are distributed Cattle camps are started for animals during famine or drought where grass and medicines provided free of charge for cows and other animals.

  • Books / Volumes / Scriptuves  Publication
  • Kabir Ashram Limbadi has published several books regarding the philosophy and biography of Lord Kabir Saheb. There are as

    • Kabir Brahm Prakas
    • Kabir Satya Prakas
    • Kabir Jyoti Prakas
    • Kabir Shakti Prakas
    • Satguru Kabir Saheb
    • Satguru Kabir Purnima Kathamrut

  • Free Medical camp with free Medicine
  • Free medical camp is held by Kabir Ashram Limbadi for various diseased with diseases. Here primary aid and free of cost medicines are offered to the diseased. Kabir  Ashram  runs Tapasvi clinic ( Hospital ) where the patients are diagnosed and cured free of charge. The poor are served here with medication. Here Kapasi camp    (  granule camp )   is conducted four times in a month and the patients are operated upon and cured free of charge.

  • Free Animal Diagnostic camp
  • Free  cattle diagnostic camp is held by Kabir Ashram Limbadi. Medicines for cattle dosages and resistance power are distributed free of cost. Gomutra ark (Cow urine and is given free of charge. Teaching and training for energy production by petting and tanning – rearing cow are organized by Ashram so that it can be proved that the cow is the global mother. There are 121 Giv Gayas (Cows) in Kabir Ashram Limbadi.

  • Service to the Poor
  • No other condition in life is so lower as the poverty. One should feel it and take pity on the deprived. One should help and co-operate poor offering them their needs. This is the mission that is observed in the Limbadi hermitage.

  • Service and Shelter to the Homeless and the Orphans
  • It is the mission of Kabir Ashram to give shelter, safely and peace to the people who are deprived of wealth, human rights, down trodden, who deserted and along wandering here and there begging. It is the duty the followers or saints of  Kabir cult service and shelter is provide to needs people have in the hermitage.

  • Social Services
  • Kabir Ashram Limbadi is all set to provide services to the society at the time of mass wedding ceremonies, spiritual programmers, social  festivities are done without differences of coats and creeds.

  • Body – Health balance camp
  • Body balance camp is organized by Kabir Ashram Limbadi. More than 150 participants take part in this camp every time. The charge for the whole camp is settled down by Ashram. Most  diseases are diagnosed and cured free of charge like heart disease, Kidney disease, brain disease , paralyses, neonate-problems, dumbness, deafness, mentally retatation  are cured by teaching body balance training.  This  training last for four days. The participants   and  their co-relatives are provided all kinds of facilities without changes.

  • Mobile Cattle Clinic
  • Kabir Ashram Limbadi runs one mobile cattle clinic. One veterinary doctor along with compounded  provide medical services to the animals by mobile-vehicle. The people of Limbadi and the villagers around Limbadi can take benefits of mobile clinic for their animals. This service is provide free of charge.