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1 . Kabir Kaliyuga Kathin hai , Sadhu na mane koi ;
     Kami Krodhi Makhasara , Tin ka adae hoi .

In this couplet Lord Kabir Saheb preaches that the present era ( Kaliyuga ) is very much chaotic , difficult and deceptive with full of glamour . Here nobody keeps trust or faith on the sadhus ( saints or noble persons ) No one respects or welcomes them . Here in present era only the cupids, the culprits, the wrathful and the jesters are honored. Since hypocrisy, pretence, deceit is worshipped here as well as intriguers, dishonest are respected, nobody will pay need to spiritual existence and no one will be prepared to realize the “Truth”. Thus it is said that
          * Kali me jivan alpa hai , Kariye begi samhar ;
             Tap Sadhan Nahin ho sake , Keval NAM adhar.
Only the NAM ( awareness ) is the proper means to realize the supreme one in this short life during the present.

2 . Kahen Kabir pukari ke , ye kali ke vyavahar ;
     EK NAM jane bina , budi muan sansar.

All the mutual intercourses , either social, economical, commercial or political are conducted with greed, ego, selfishness and dishonesty. Because of the basic, fundamental ignorance of real existence, the most common people have failed in the holy mission. Not knowing the importance of the “RAM NAM” (the soul) they have lost the purpose of life. Lord Kabir Saheb cries out loudly that the cheaters, the swindlers and the roguishs have been found cupid, greedy, egoist, wrathful, jealous and lustful you will have to suffer the pains of death because of basic ignorance. So in order to get rid of this hellish situation, be aware and first be free from four identification with body and mind and forever keep in mind the supreme one ( RAM ).

3 . Kabir vah din yad Kar , pag Uper tal shisa ;
     Mrutyu mandal me aya ke , bisari gaya Jagdish.

O’Jiva (being) don’t understand that all this is yours. Even the body doesn’t belong to you. The body is bound with the prana ( soul ) Someday you will have to free this body and leave it then who will be thy own? Now remember those days when you were in the uterus of your mother. In the womb you stayed there for nine months with down headed and up feet being hung and recollect that you were borne in this mandane world and as soon as you were borne, you just forgot the God. If you wish to be rewaeded by the supreme, if you will to cross this mandane ocean (ignorance) just be aware and remember the supreme one so that you may feel peace, bliss and eternal joy.

4 . Kabir khada bazaar me, Lai Lakuti hatha ;
     Jo gharbaro apana , chalo hamare sath.

Lord Kabir, in order to make the people realize the basic knowledge, preaches about the supreme one, the “Ultimate Truth” according to Lord Kabir, the same God (soul) dwells in the hearts of all , One who possesses the Lakuti (Spiritual knowledge) in the hand (heart) and love the supreme can achieve the knowledge of the almighty. In this way he burns his own house (identification with his own body and mind) and becomes free, liberal from the illusive birth and death.

5 .Manush janma tokun diyo , bhajive ko hari Nam ;
     Kahein Kabir cheto nahin , lagyo aur hi kam.

The God has offered this life (human being ) to experience and realize the real Truth by being aware but you haven’t understood it. On the other hand you have been engrossed in other useless matters and this is astonishing. Lord Kabir asks us why do you waste your valuable life being bound with the deeds by applying yourself to futile jobs. Just think! No one offers grass to the donkey which works for the potter.

6 . Sunna mare ajapa mare , anahad bhi mari jaya ;
     NAM sanehi na mare , rahai Kabir samaya.

One who is worshipper of the eternal is worthy of end , the death and one who is devotee of the non existent is also bound to the death. The existent and non-existent ménage into the altimate one who conducts ajapa japa (meditator) is also bound to death along with his meditation. Eternal (Anahad) also merges into the ultimate But only one who is the beloved of NAM (the one with the supreme) is never bound to death. One who has holy affair with NAM (the supreme) can merge with the supreme and become one the same and remain there forever. He is emancipated one. During the living status , the embodied soul is itself the NAM. When one realizes or experiences the NAM or NAD with the discrimination of body, mind and the soul one can seek the fundamental element (Tatva). This imagination NAM or soul is beyond our mind, intellect, wit or wisdom. This can be experienced only in the state of meditation, stoicism being one with HIM , so this is the last chance to experience Him, don’t miss it. No one can do any worse to whom who is taken cared by the God and one who has bee self surrendered in to NAM.

7 . Yah to ghar hai prem ka , khala ka ghar nahi ;
     Shish Utarai bhui dharai , so paithe ghar mahin.

The home of a devotion is the home of the love and it is the abode of the supreme. The devotion or surrenderness can be achieved through love (holy and pious feelings). This abode or home is not the place of mundane ignorant people and no common one can enter this place. Then how to enter this abode? Lord Kabir Saheb suggests that only the person who can lay down his head and offer his head can enter the supreme abode of love offering head means one who is able to get rid of ego. The headless can attain this status.

8 .Prem vadi na Upaje , Prem na hat bikaya ;
     Raja paraja jihi ruche , shisha dei le jaya .

Love (the state of being one with God) is the fruit with elixir. This love fruit can not grow in any garden or orchard. No one can make trading of the love. No one can buy it with wealth or money. Either one may be the king or the common whoever desires to achieve this fruit can bring it by putting his head or surrendering before the Satguru. Only that person can enjoy and experience the eternal bliss o love who surrenders to Guru with the all (ego) he has. The greedy and miserly can not do this through he worship the God.

9 . Ja ghta prem na Sanchave , So ghata janu masan ;
     Jaise khal Lahar ke , svans let binu pran.

The heart is no more a heart but a cremation, funeral or tomb yard from or in which holy and pious feeling of pure love can not emerge out. The sky (space) of the heart should be the source of love stream. The bellows of the blacksmith can breathe without pran (feeling). The real and true patience can not exist without love. No one can attain wisdom, pious discrimination and renuntiation without love. Without the knowledge and experience of love no one can get rid of six soul foes as lust, greed, ego, jealousy, anger, false affection etc. It is the pious duty of everybody to love the Almighty.

10 . Mati kahe kumhar ko , Tu kya rundhe mohi ;
     Ek din aisa hoyega, Main rundhungi tohi.

“Janma, mrutyu, jara, vyadhi duhkhdoshanudarshanam”. These are the million dollor words by “The Geeta” Just guess the results or outcomes of all the evils like birth and death. This is the most vicious circle owing to greed, jealously, lust, ego etc. In order to get rid of all these worse evilas, lead your life on the pious path of light, awareness Be away from violence, false ego, greed, ignorance etc. remove the desires of mundane world and surrender thyself to the Guru with the observance of rules and regulations of yoga.
          Dharma eva hato hanti Dharmo rakshati rakshith ;
          Tasmatdharmo na hantaryo ma no dhamo havo vadhit.
          These are the spiritual spells by Manu

Here mati (clay, earth) is symbolically a human being. According to lord Kabir , mati (clay) says that o potter at present you are trempelling me down under your feet but remember someday the same moment will come when I will trempell you down and mearge your mortal body into clay.

11 . Lakadi kahe Luhar so, Tu mati jare mohi ;
     Ek din aisa hoyega, main jaungi tohi.

Here the wooden stick (fuel) is the symbol of life and the blacksmith is the symbol of human being. According to Lord Kabir Saheb the wooden stick (fuel) is telling the blacksmith that of course you are burning me now but someday the change I will get to burn you. Don’t insult anybody with bad words, horse abuses. If you burn – the heart of somebody someday he will take revenge don’t dishonor anybody. Understand the false hood of the mortal body, remove the false identification with it and don’t do or make ingratitude.

12 . Patta tuta dal se , Le gai pavan Uday ;
     Abaki bichhure kab milenge , dur padenge jaya.

When the leaf drops down on the land from its branch of a tree , it is blown away by the wind. At that moment the leaf tells the tree that O tree! Listen to me carefully we now are dropped down and separated from you (tree) and the wind will carry me away somewhere so we will not happen to meet again Here symbolically, after the death of a human being, the God of death (Pluto) takes away the Jiva (spirit) to any yoni (existence) according to his or her past deeds (karma). Then, there remains no relations of the Jiva to his present parents or relatives or kins so get rid of this illusive identification with body and remember God for bliss and bless.

13. Taruvar patan so kahe, suno pat ek bat ;
     Yah ghar yahi rit hai, ek avat ek jat.

Here the leaf is symbol of ignorant human being and the tree is the symbol of the parent. Now at the time of the end the leaf request the tree for pindadan rite (imancipation ritual) At the moment the wise tree replies that O leaf! Listen carefully here is the custom and system that one who is borne is bound to die one who enters must exists. If you wish your better, experience and realize the Truth now and remember RAM – the supreme soul.

14. Mali avat dekhi ke, kaliyan kare pukar ;
     Phule phule chuni liyo, kal hamari bar.

Seeing the scene that the gardener picking and carrying away the flowers with him, the other buds say that the next day would be their turn. In the same way the youngers see the same scene of the elders or olders when they die. They realize that someday they will who also depart this world in respect of their turn. So here it is preached that remember the God till you are living.

15. Mati me mati mili, mila paun se paun ;
     Main to hi puchhau pandita, do me mua kaun.

When the human being dies at the time of his body’s cremation or funeral rite his body’s five constructive basic elements separate and mearge into their own separate existence into the space. At that time the Jivatma (The soul bound with micro/body invisible) wanders here and there along with his unsatisfied desires. They curious Lord Kabir Saheb asks the question to the learneds who has died, either the body or the soul(Jiva)?